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who are we

Egem Textile  It was founded in 1996 in Denizli, the heart of the textile industry.

In Egem Tekstil's facility, Organic Turkish Aegean Cotton, whose quality is accepted worldwide, is processed. The soft texture of cotton in all its naturalnessboucle, velvet, jacquard, dobby, yarn dyed, ball dyed, embroidered, towel, bathrobe Andmop In addition to its production, it is mainly in the Home Textile category.Organic Turkish Aegean Cotton, Linen, Hemp Andother organic fibers usingduvet cover sets, bedspreads, pique It is an organization that produces and kitchen groups.

The secret of Egem Tekstil's success in its history of more than 27 years is the participation of the workforce in production with dedication, consciousness and passion; It is planned growth with timely and rapid decisions taken by the management.

The main reason why Egem Tekstil is adopted as a reliable production partner in global markets is based on the principle of product and service quality and on-time delivery.

We produce with the most advanced machines of contemporary technology in a closed area of 8,500 m2 with more than 150 workforce.

Egem Tekstil, in addition to contract manufacturing for world-famous brands, has its own brand since 2012.“Ecocotton” And“GreenBlack” It also produces for. We present our brands to our customers with new concepts every year by realizing the requested designs and samples with a fast service approach.

In 2022, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Australia, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Slovenia, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Dubai, Qatar, Morocco, China, Japan, Sri Lanka and the USA. We exported 4,000,000 towels, 200,000 bathrobes and 100,000 bed linen sets annually to these countries.

As Egem Tekstil, we have adopted the vision of continuing our activities in accordance with the environment and the law. Increasing quality and continuity in production and keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level by following technological developments are among our goals. 


As Egem Tekstil, we aim to increase quality and continuity in production and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level,
It has adopted the vision of following technological developments and continuing its activities in accordance with the environment and the law.


To work with a sense of responsibility towards our state, our rules of law, our environment and human health at every step of production.
To increase and improve the satisfaction of our customers
To achieve our quality with the least errors and the highest efficiency
To increase the satisfaction of our employees, whom we regard as family members.
To go one step ahead by investing in technology and science

We, as Egem Tekstil family, are committed.

Our goal

A Better World 

As Egem Tekstil, while environmental problems are increasing worldwide, we aim to increase our respect for our natural resources by making our business processes more sustainable.


In this context, we have taken an important step towards generating electricity with solar energy, an environmentally friendly energy source. Now, we meet some of our business's energy needs through solar panels. In this way, we adopt a more environmentally friendly approach by not only reducing our own energy costs but also reducing our carbon footprint.

In addition to demonstrating the potential of sustainable energy use in the business world, our solar-powered systems are part of our commitment to leaving a cleaner environment for future generations. Additionally, this step aims to set an example for other businesses by promoting sustainability in our society.


As Egem Tekstil, we are proud to contribute to a greener and sustainable future together with you, our valued customers.

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