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Our Certificates


GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard

The purpose of this standard is to meet the requirements that guarantee the organic status of textile products, from the harvest of the raw material to the production based on environmental and social sensitivity and an impact that can reassure the end consumer. Bielemeier GOTS is used for products containing at least 70% organic natural fibers. All production stages, starting from the processing process to the final vendor in the company-to-company trade, must be certified.

BSCI – Business Social Compliance Initiative

BSCI system (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is a special system designed by the Foreign Trade Association. While designing this system, the occupational and worker safety standards prepared by the International Labor Organization (ILO) were taken as a basis. Its aim is to encourage the continuous improvement of the social performance of the enterprises in the supply chain. In this way, we support sustainable working conditions worldwide.



STANDARD 100 is a worldwide standardized, independent testing and certification system for all stages of production of raw materials, intermediate products and final textile products and accessories. Only final products tested against harmful substances can be sold on the market with the STANDARD 100 label. The certificate serves as proof of meeting the delivery conditions requested in the B2B field. Hazardous substance testing according to STANDARD 100 takes into account important legal regulations, a large number of chemicals that pose a health risk, even if they are not yet legally regulated, as well as different parameters relevant to healthcare.



It stands for Sustainable Textile and Leather Production and is a modular certification system for production facilities in the textile and leather industry. The aim of STeP is to implement environmentally friendly production processes in the long term, improve health and safety and promote socially responsible working conditions on production sites.

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